Welcome to Mel vs Wine

Who hasn’t felt lost in a supermarket in front of this massive shelf full of wines? Or at the restaurant in front of the wine list?

With only one question in mind: Which one am I supposed to chose?

A red wine? A white wine? From France? From California? A Château de Bordeaux? A Sauvignon Blanc? 2007? 2010?

Mel vs Wine was born with the idea that you don’t have to be born in a family of winemakers or work in the wine industry to be able to chose a good wine.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in this adventure into the world of wines. With the help of books about wine for beginners, wine reviews, advices from connoisseur and professionals and of course with your help, the goal is to discover together one wine per week and get that precious knowledge about wines.

Whether you want to show off on a date or you are genuinely interested in learning more, take part in the story and share this with your friends!


Let’s get started – The “rules”

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